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Non Surgical Fat Removal (Thermi250) Specialist

Morris Westfried, MD

Dermatologist located in Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Westfried is one of New York City's top-rated dermatologists offering patients a top of line non- surgery fat removal procedure called Thermi250, which can be done at at his Brooklyn, NY dermatology office. Thermi250 is the newest advancement in non surgical fat reduction and tissue tightening.

Non Surgical Fat Removal with the Termi 250 Q & A

What is the Thermi250?

The Thermi250 is one of the newest advancements in non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening. The Thermi250 technology is one of the first to use radio frequency energy to achieve desired cosmetic results. Thermi250 is temperature controlled unlike lasers, which stimulates the production of collagen.

What can Thermi250 Treat?

Thermi250 is a FDA approved for nerve ablation. This non-surgical fat removal has successfully treated:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite
  • Frown Lines, Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Sagging Skin
  • Double Chin
  • Body contouring: Neck, Arms, Abdomen and Knees

An ideal candidate for Thermi250 has excess fat on their body that just will not go away after diet and exercise. A Thermi250 candidate also needs to be in good health and have no other conditions. To find out if Thermi250 please book an appointment today!

When Will I See Results?

Most patients will see immediate results but it is important to understand that multiple treatments may be needed to see full results. Typically, results continue to evolve over the next three to six months as your collagen restores.

What Will the Recovery Be Like?

Following the procedure, most patients can continue to enjoy their daily activities. Bruising may occur and some have reported temporary numbness after treatment. Exercise and other activities are not prohibited but patients do typically take it easy for one to three days while the treatment site recovers.


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